How Can You Secure Your Site?

To enable HTTPS on your website, we will provide you with an SSL Certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) at a website not securevery reasonable price, based on your needs. This certificate enables your site to communicate with users using encrypted, non-corruptible data. The certificate also acts as a stamp of approval from a trusted party (in this case, the CA) that says your site is legitimate and secure.

Once you have purchased your SSL Certificate, there are a few steps we need to take to complete the migration. We’ll do a full backup of your site, change all your internal links, check code libraries, and update all external links that we can. Once complete, no matter how the correct web address is typed, i.e. www.spearheadmm.net,  http://spearheadmm.net or https://spearheadmm.net, it will automatically set the browser to the secure site address.  We will also add a seal at the footer of each page indicating your site is secure and safe for visitors.  See ours at the bottom of the page.    Send us a note and we’ll evaluate your needs.


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