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Established in 1995…

Spearhead Multimedia began in 1995 as Spearhead Internet Publishing and has grown steadily while maintaining the same level of professional, responsive service since day one. We offer professional website design and development, website hosting, email hosting and management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Media Content Marketing and Bulk Email Marketing.  Working with our clients to present their goods and services on the internet and social networks as they want it has always been our directive.  Anyone can build a website but it takes a professional, experienced team to project your business to your demographic and to create the incentive to purchase from you.  We tailor marketing packages for each client based on their expectations and, of course, their budget.  From Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we’ll work with you to bring those customers to your site and to your door.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies for our clients but shy away from flash in the pan trends, focusing on the productive processes that work.

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