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Spearhead Multimedia has been building successful websites for over 25 years. Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Performance Web Hosting, and more.


We build websites with your business and its success in mind, websites that drive visitors to your site and convert them to customers. The relationship between a client and a web developer should be an ongoing one. One that involves regular contact to help each other stay up to date.  No one reads an old magazine, they may pass by the same old website, too. Changing your site regularly keeps them returning and increases your probability of prevalence on search engines. To maintain a high rank for organic seacrch we regularly submit your website to the major search engines so they are indexed often.
SSL certificates are imperative for all websites to indicate the site is not hacked and is actually your site. Ask about SSL today because a non-secure site may frighten away your potential customers.

Email Marketing

Setting up an email campaign can be a daunting task but it is a key aspect of your marketing plan. We will create the templates, set up your contact list and provide tools such as social media signup buttons, text to join and QR codes for your place of business. Multiple packages are available from do-it-yourself off to complete management of your email campaign strategy. We have received awards for our email marketing expertise and recommend Constant Contact.

Performance Website Hosting

Spearhead Multimedia websites are hosted on high-performance servers boasting 99% uptime. This not only guarantees your website will load extremely fast on mobile phones, for instance, it assures it will always be available to your customers. We host your email accounts on performance servers as well for high efficiency, outstanding security, and flawless delivery. In addition, we place our sites on a content delivery network (CDN) which maintains a real-time copy of your site on performance servers throughout the world ensuring your customers will access your website at optimal speed. This is crucial for busy eCommerce websites. All data, including website, database, and email are backed up nightly for quick disaster recovery.

Remote Backup Services

Our sister firm, Remote Backup Services provides secure, encrypted offsite nightly backups of your important data for assurance, safety, and disaster recovery. Your business data is far too important to put on an external drive or trust to unknown servers with the commercial providers. With RBS you receive a daily confirmation email of your backups, your data is stored across multiple hard drives and mirror servers. RBS is fully compliant with HIPPA for sensitive medical data.

Spearhead Multimedia Website Design and Hosting


Your logo and your business name are your brand. We disseminate your brand to a spectrum of search engines and social media platforms.

Spearhead Multimedia Website Design and Hosting

Your brand is the front door to your business. The first impression. Remaining consistent with your brand and your message is key to being successfully found organically.

Would you produce a cheap product? Use free clipart for your logo? Of course not. You want your brand to represent professional products and services.
A do it yourself website is the same as clipart and not only doesn’t help represent success, but it will not get you found on search engines or bring customers to buy from you. The internet changes constantly as do the backend requirements that you don’t see and those requirements must be kept up to date to ensure success. This is what we do.



Close to 35% of websites today are built on the WordPress platform. Because it’s open source thousands of developers create time-saving, convenient, and helpful programs for it. Plugins for the best security to high-speed performance and beautiful themes to customize for your brand, we can stay within budget and still make your business look like a million.


We build our websites so they’re found easily and convert visitors to customers. Our years of marketing and development experience benefit every website we create. Security is very important to us. We take care of it, you’re never bothered by it. We use programs that increase the performance of the site and keep the database running smoothly.  All images are optimized for the fastest loading time without degradation. There is extensive backend work done on each site for SEO, including rich snippets, which gives your Google listing the best appeal. We provide Content Delivery Network service which keeps the latest version of your website on servers all over the world.  Again for performance and load speed. You see none of this but you and your business benefit greatly.


Spearhead MM is a multidimensional one-stop shop for everything from website design to the use of social media platforms for your business promotion. Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He can handle your website development from start to finish with an amazing amount of expertise. We were and are very lucky that a friend referred us to him. He has been with us from the ground floor of starting an e-commerce business. We had zero e-commerce business experience to rely on. He has guided us from A to Z. At a very early on business lunch a passerby recognized him and said a quote that I have never forgotten. “You’re in good hands. He has set many successful ships a sail.” Couldn’t be more true. If you’re in need of website development/maintenance, social media marketing, business set-up, etc. Spearhead MM is the only place you need to look at.

RomiEyewear, RomiEyewear.com

In 2012 I found myself as a solo entrepreneur in a new city. After a handful of unsuccessful meetings with media companies and web designers, I was advised to contact Stephen Picardi at Spearhead Multimedia. I did.  Within two meetings he completely nailed my design concept as well as marketing needs.  By the third meeting I had a fully functional, high end, working website with media links.  Stephen not only listened and fulfilled all my design wishes, he filled a social media/blog void that I had no concept of how to address.  He gave me practical, concise, and effective guidance. The following several years, I had the most financially successful period of my career. I rapidly gained traction, received accolades, and engaged patients with minimal effort on my part.  I can only credit this type of notable activity to the website, social media, and blog that Spearhead Multimedia had initially set up.  My practice became so busy I had little time for website or social media maintenance.  Thank God I had systems and Spearhead Multimedia already in place. Now, in 2017, I find myself expanding and my career evolving.  Who was the first person to call?   Stephen at Spearhead Multimedia.  First meeting, he nailed it…again.  In a few weeks I had fully functioning website.  Within ten days of going live I had several phone calls, all which converted to new patients. Even a drug rep recently said, “Wow. Nice website.” I haven’t even fully utilized the social media yet. My business and livelihood cannot afford to go with any other company other than Spearhead Multimedia.

Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, LAc, DOM, MSOM

I am “technologically challenged.” I admit it, I work at it, I try to learn as much as I can and I hire professionals to help me thrive in today’s technological jungle—that’s why I work with Stephen Picardi at Spearhead Multimedia. He is not a “hand holder” but gives me the information and instruction I need to adapt to the digital world and he can solve problems that I can’t even analyze when technology and I fail to communicate. Stephen built me a new website and maintains it so I know that it is constructed properly to communicate my professional message in the right way, with the right audience. He gave me WordPress 101 instruction so I can navigate my own blog. I trust I am in goods hands and that’s a BIG relief to a techno-fobe! Marilyn DeMartini Writer, Marketer, Fitness Professional

Marilyn DeMartini, PR Power

I have been using Spearhead MultiMedia for my web services for over five years. They successfully built me a user-friendly, phone and tablet friendly, website that has received praise from my clients. Whenever things have gone bump or updates, and web security measures are needed, Spearhead Multimedia has been there to do the job, timely and professionally. I receive my business inquiries from persons searching on the search engines, and I am getting results.

Thank you for your good service.

Randy Atlas Phd FAIA CPP
Atlas Safety & Security Design Inc.


I have used Spearhead Multimedia for over 4 years and can truly say they have been fantastic. Any time I’ve had an issue, which, is far and few between,  Mr. Picardi would immediately return my call and the issue would be addressed and corrected immediately.  If you are looking for a creative, affordable, and caring firm who becomes part of your companies growth due to the excellent support, and advice they provide, please give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

They’re truly an exceptional WEB HOSTING firm and much much more.

I would highly recommend Mr. Stephen Picardi of Spearhead Multimedia for any of your web hosting needs.

Ralph Sosa, Luce Max, Inc.

I wish to thank you and your team for the great work regarding the design and implementation of my websites. You and your team listened and easily accepted my input. You far exceeded expectations and always impress. I receive numerous compliments regarding my sites. I continually recommend you to my colleagues. Many thanks!

Jeffrey Scribner
CEO Comprehensive Compliance Concepts and AssureMom.com


Stephen not only set up our new site quickly, he also offered marketing guidance and approaches for new audiences.  As we came to find out, his security measures kept our site from being compromised by bad actors numerous times.  Spearhead is a solid business to work with if you want to present a profitable and safe website for your business.

Stephen Picardi and Spearhead Multimedia have been designing and/or maintaining and hosting our websites since 2008. Prior to that we would have to wait weeks or months to get service from our providers. Their work is outstanding and ranges from site design, SEO and social networking to Adwords and providing online forms for distributors. They have created online catalogs as well as DVD and electronic picture frame presentations for us. We highly recommend Stephen Picardi and Spearhead Multimedia.

Stephen is a wonderful, knowledgeable professional who has always been prompt when called upon and who has been able to solve all our computer and internet issues as well as create a wonderful website for us. We strongly recommend his service.

Stephen has helped me out on numerous occasions when I needed a web technician. He always did a great job. Has never let me down even under some fairly tight deadlines. Stephen has been a great resource and when more work is required I will hire him again. I would highly recommend Steve.

J.D. Thrower, Eagle Graphics

Stephen implemented our new website and showed us effective ways to grow our presence on the web. He came in on time and on budget, we couldn’t be more pleased.

Stephen helped me set up nine locations throughout Florida and handled 90% of my hardware and kept my software running smoothly. Whenever I did have a problem he made it go away…. He went above and beyond the call of duty seven days a week for me!!!

Jim Hamway, Kuhn Flooring

Spearhead Multimedia has helped our company grow in many ways. By giving us knowledge of what’s happening in the SEO world and providing solutions to all of our website questions and problems, we highly recommend using this company.

Michael Duncan, Grand Western Steaks

Stephen has always been available for my company, no matter what we have asked of him. He’s gone out of his way to help us on a number of levels. Certainly, it is my pleasure to work with him time and again. I strongly recommend that if you have the opportunity to use his services – do so!

Andrea Amenta, MRG of South Florida

Stephen Picardi is one of the most professional men I have ever met. Whatever the size of the task we request, his vast knowledge always solves our problems and issues. Equally important he always is very quick to offer solutions and suggestions to improve our systems and web pages. Our hotel and restaurant rely on him for his problem solving and expertise. Spearhead Multimedia is our “official” computer /network support & system integration company. Linda Sue Marsh VP Sales – Days Inn Bahia Cabana Beach Resort Fort Lauderdale

Linda Sue Marsh, Marketing Director

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With over 30 years of experience in website design, internet marketing, and web/email server management, best practices are developed and honed.
We bring it all to the table on every project.


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