5 ways to use video content to boost your social media marketing

5 ways to use video content to boost your social media marketing

There are many digital marketing strategies that you can try to introduce your product or service compellingly, says Andre Oentoro, founder of  Breadnbeyond. Oentoro adds that one of them is carrying out digital social media promotions using video content.

According to research, 50% of customers prefer to see a product when it is featured in video content over any other content. So, ensure to choose the right type of video that suits each social media platform best.

Video usage on social media is also a great way to improve your social media marketing.

However, you must understand the use of videos on social media to get more optimal results.

It is crucial because each social media platform has different:

  • regulations
  • features, and
  • users.

The best types of social media videos to consider are as follows:

  • explainer videos
  • how-to videos
  • motion graphics, and
  • testimonial videos.

You can leverage these video types to:

  • generate more leads
  • increase brand awareness, and
  • build customer trust.

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1. Use social media videos as a customer service channel

Customer service is integral to every business in winning customers’ hearts. Today, most consumers turn to social media for customer service. Customers expect:

  • fast response
  • 24-hour service support, and
  • a company that can provide solutions.

You can use social media videos as one of the most effective alternatives for providing customers with detailed information.

It can be in how-to videos or FAQ videos for troubleshooting purposes. That way, they can feel a pleasant experience with your brand. It is an excellent way to increase your customer’s trust.

2. Create short, simple explainer videos for your audience

If you want to promote your brand on social media or your website without wanting to sound too ‘promotional,’ you can take advantage of explainer videos.

It is a short and straightforward type of video marketing that can highlight your product or service with easy-to-understand explanations and appealing animated visuals.

This type of video is perfect for every social media because of its short duration; it can be displayed on Instagram reels, stories, YouTube shorts, and TikTok videos. Explainer videos are also proven content to increase customer engagement and sales conversions.

So, make sure you create high-quality explainer videos for maximum results. It is highly recommended to use an explainer video service.

3. Focus on specific products with product videos

Precise and high-quality product videos can help potential buyers better understand your product and provide an accurate picture. It can also be suitable for animated commercials.

Product videos are a powerful way to demonstrate how to use a product, especially if it is a more technical product that requires step-by-step instructions, such as electronics and home appliances.

So, make sure you are more focused on specific products to help your customers focus more on a product you want to increase sales. Usually, it can be used for newly launched products.

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4. Greet Facebook audiences with a featured Facebook

When users visit your Facebook page, they can immediately see some of your posts and your About section. They can also find the featured video under the profile picture and the ‘people who liked this page’ box.

This featured video is an engaging way to greet your Facebook visitors, and you have a chance to make a first impression with your business.

So make sure you create a video to highlight your new product or tell a story that your audience connects with by using animated explainer videos. You can use video marketing tools to help you create high-quality videos.

5. Build a YouTube channel with curated videos

Curated content is the process of finding and gathering the best content and presenting it to audiences on social media in an organized manner. This process is different from content marketing.

Curated content is more about finding and collecting quality content, researching it, processing it correctly, and sharing it with followers or audiences on several platforms.

The most suitable social media platform for curated content is the YouTube channel. YouTube is the largest video-based content platform with billions of users. Most people tend to share videos from YouTube to various social media platforms.

You will be way behind if you don’t or haven’t used video in your social media marketing. It would be best to use it because a third of all online activity is spent watching videos.

Most users say that they find product videos helpful when making a buying decision.

So, you can leverage some of the best ways to use the videos mentioned above that can help increase engagement, conversion rates, and brand promotion with just a few quick changes.

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