Wouldn’t it be great for all of that spam to be filtered BEFORE it hits your phone, computer, and other devices?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could also filter emails you want to read later but not have them clutter your inbox?

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My email account is over 30 years old and probably on hundreds of thousands of email lists.
After over ten years of use, I recommend Spamdrain. It captures 99% of the spam I would otherwise have to deal with on all my devices. I’ve tried numerous spam filters over the years, and this is, by far, the best, hands-off, automated system I’ve found.
My favorite feature is the “Marketing/Newsletter” feature; it marks and holds email messages I may want to read later, like ads from companies I like, and information I may want to see at another time. You also receive a daily email listing filtered emails so you don’t miss anything important.
You get all this technology for free or even more for a small monthly fee. What are you waiting for? Get Spamdrain now!

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The Details

Spamdrain is a cloud-based email filtering service that protects your inbox from unwanted spam, phishing emails, and viruses. It analyzes the content and source of incoming emails in real-time to determine if they are spam or legitimate emails.

One of the critical features of Spamdrain is its ability to filter emails from multiple email accounts, including popular services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.com. This means you can use Spamdrain as a centralized email filtering service for all your email accounts instead of relying on each email provider’s built-in spam filters.

Spamdrain also offers a variety of customization options, such as allowlisting or blocklisting specific senders or domains, setting up custom filters, and receiving daily or weekly reports on the status of your filtered emails.

In addition to its spam filtering capabilities, Spamdrain also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to manage your filtered emails on the go. Overall, Spamdrain is a reliable and efficient email filtering service that can help you stay organized and protected from unwanted email clutter.

On another note.

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