Wouldn’t it be great for all of that spam to be filtered BEFORE it hits your phone, computer, and other devices?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could also filter email you want to read later, but not have it clutter your inbox?
My email account is over 22 years old and is probably on hundreds of thousands of email lists out there.
After a few years of use, I recommend Spamdrain.  It captures 99% of the spam I would otherwise have to deal with on all of my devices.  I’ve tried numerous spam filters over the years and this is by far, the best, hands-off, automated system I’ve found.
It also holds as “Marketing/Newsletter”, email messages I may want to read later like ads from companies I like, and information I may want to see at another time.
You get all of this for $16.99 annually.
What are you waiting for?  Get Spamdrain now!