When people feel like part of a community, amazing things can happen. When people can gather — in person or virtually — they form relationships that keep them coming back for more. One example is the ever-growing — 2.96 billion members currently —  group for the Instant Pot Community, where Instant Pot users share their favorite recipes and latest trials and errors. People visit that page, sometimes multiple times a day. It’s a community. And people love it.

There are ways that you can create this type of following for your  or service too. Bond your customers together so they keep you and your  top of mind by reminding one another. Here are some ways you can implement this.

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1. Have a place where your customers or clients can connect and help one another

If your product or service solves a problem, there’s one thing all your customers have in common: They’re looking for a solution. And while that’s precisely what you provide, they can also mindshare and connect with like-minded people. Think of it this way: If your product is an email tracking software, your target customer or client base likely consists of salespeople or anyone who frequently sends cold emails. Use that knowledge to host a group or forum where people can share their best tips for cold emailing, follow-ups, etc.

This is what Sergej Heck, the founder of PEAK Tech, does. “We bring  companies together into a community so they can network and help one another,” Heck explained. “These companies all have low visibility, so they need each other’s help.” He encourages other business owners to consider what they give the community. It’s not enough to have one place where everyone can converse. That could be a community manager who poses discussion questions and offers resources, or something else of value that’s continually given. “We both educate our community and share profits with them,” added Heck.

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2. Create a system where the customer base holds each other accountable

Andrew James founded Oasis, which helps businesses scale their marketing by connecting them with commission-based affiliates. James says that by building a community, they can better secure results for their customers. “We put such a big emphasis on building solid communities inside of our product because we found that if someone is going to get results, most of the time, they need support. In our case, we have courses, which is the info they need to get results. The question is, ‘Why doesn’t everyone get results if everyone has access to the same information?'” The answer is simple. “Most people don’t execute,” James added. “Maybe they’re scared or don’t have a support system. So, we shifted our focus to building supportive communities.”

If your product educates or encourages your clients to do something, having accountability built into your community is great. Ask customers to share their progress or tips. James said right after they shifted focus, the results his customers saw from the products “sky-rocketed because people were going through using the product and staying engaged and focused.

How you get great customers to stick around matters. In addition to letting the community foster itself through discussion and sharing resources and tips, consider how you can offer educational content of your own. According to smile.io, fitness apparel company GymShark does this via its blog.

“With articles loaded with tips, tutorials, and exercises, their blog is jam-packed full of health and fitness-related information that has positioned them as their members’ go-to source for anything health and fitness related,” said author Tim Peckover. “This makes it easy for customers to decide to purchase their products to strengthen their connection with the fitness community.”

Especially if you do any content marketing, consider how it can feed back to a centralized place where your customers, not just your prospects, can get information. If the conversation lulls, a new piece of educational content (via an article, video, podcast, or whatever you prefer) can bring customers back to the community.

MCommunity is a powerful tool to ensure you’re keeping in touch with your customer base. Any online platforms can help you get a head start on this community — a Facebook group, a newsletter, Patreon, or a hosted forum on your website. This is how one-time customers turn to lifelong customers, and new prospects can feel like they’re part of something bigger when they stumble across your company for the first time.’

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