Three ways to stand out in a saturated market.

As the becomes an increasingly saturated market for entrepreneurs, and the information available online leaves us feeling increasingly overwhelmed, we reach a point where we have no choice but to pull back and reassess what is important to us. Fit in, or stand out? Serve existing markets, or serve those in untapped markets?

What is commonly referred to as the red or blue ocean strategy, business owners can create an offer so unique and differentiated that they can stand out in the market instead of drowning in a blood-stained red ocean.

Here are three ways you can stand out in a  online, more so from a humane level rather than a strategic level.

Realize what is true for you, not what is true for others

It is easy for people to follow the cookie-cutter strategies of how things have always been done. But as the world, , and humans evolve, so does how we do business.

Many find this challenging because they lack a deep and trust in themselves. They’re afraid that tapping into their intuition and deep inner knowing might not bring them the success they see everyone else achieving.

Long-lasting and sustainable success in business comes from doing what feels good to you every step of the way. While you can achieve success following other strategies, it will leave you feeling uninspired and unfulfilled if it doesn’t feel good to you.

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Challenge the status quo of business

As humanity evolves into heightened levels of awareness and consciousness, we naturally begin to create a new business paradigm.

Challenging the status quo is not a common desire among leaders. According to Harvard Business Review, 72 percent of leaders say they rarely or never or rarely challenge their status quo in business.

Leading and serving from the inside out means we learn to know ourselves first and foremost. This can be a fulfilling journey of self-discovery for many, finding their purpose and , which can become largely suppressed when we work in a typical traditional job that isn’t aligned with our strongest desires.

Challenging the status quo of business comes with making one bold and courageous decision at a time.

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Find your “Zone of Genius”

Gay Hendricks identifies four zones of genius in his book, The Big Leap.

In the “zone of genius,” we can zone in on and capitalize on our innate gifts and abilities that come naturally to us. In this zone, we become in flow and realize what we are uniquely gifted at, often finding ourselves more skilled in a specific area than others.

In Hendricks’ book, he prompts you to ask yourself what you do you do that doesn’t seem like work and what brings you ultimate joy, satisfaction, and abundance at the same time.

Ultimately, standing out in a saturated market online is about identifying what comes naturally to you and capitalizing on that unique gift and skill. We often attempt to do things that come naturally to other people, mimicking their steps and strategies while ignoring or denying our most faithful and inner-most talents and gifts.

To live a whole and fulfilling life, we must enjoy what we do, including how we run our business daily. Focusing on what feels good to you (and not others) can ultimately achieve the levels of joy and freedom we are all seeking.

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Kelly Wing

Article by Kelly Wing
CEO and Founder at Ohwabisabi Enterprises
Expert on Saturated Market marketing.