We are proud to be in partnership with Zenreach, the absolute best way to build your customer base, engage them, and to increase and control reviews with reputation management.

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    Free WiFi branded welcome page and review opportunity.

    What is a single customer worth to you?

  • What if they happily provided you with their contact information without you or your employees asking for it or writing it down and then having to enter it?
  • What if your establishment sent that new customer a thank you email a day or two (you choose) later?
  • What if, when you thanked them, you asked for a review/rating on your choice of rating networks such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook, Google+, etc?
  • What if that review was less than 5 stars, it went to you instead of the review site so you could contact that customer?
  • What if each time that customer visited your establishment, they received an email thanking them for coming back?
  • What if you could tailor those emails to market different types of customers based on their behavior?

That is not a wish list.  That is a small part of what we can do for you to build your customer list and to stay in contact with them.

Here’s how it works:  We connect a special wireless router to your modem for WiFi.  When customers connect to your Free WiFi (We provide window stickers and table tents) they open your branded web page and simply provide their email address (more if you’d like) and they are in.   Each subsequent visit is recorded in the database and automatic emails you create are sent to them.  You can also send them emails any time to announce specials, events, etc.  You can even automatically send a coupon after a specific length of absence to bring them back in or a bonus for your loyal customers.  The possibilities are endless and each of your customers will feel your personal touch, making them feel special.

As people log into the new free WiFi hotspot we create, Zenreach automatically builds a customer list, differentiating between new, repeat, loyal customers, and lost customers. We fully automate just-in-time, relevant marketing for them and then report campaign success not by open rate or click-through rate, but as a new metric we’ve defined for the physical world — the walk-through rate.

Just like an e-commerce merchant cares most about website clicks or click-throughs that can lead to sales, brick and mortar merchants care about walk-ins or walk-throughs, both on a one-time basis and a lifetime basis. Zenreach tells them whether their marketing causes customers to come back, how often, and how valuable that ultimately is to them so they can make smarter business decisions.

Watch your customer list grow and keep them informed of upcoming events and special offers.

Watch your customer list grow and keep them informed of upcoming events and special offers.

For consumers, Zenreach powers free WiFi at favorite local businesses. As data plans have become more expensive and limited while connectivity remains poor in many areas, Zenreach helps merchants justify offering free WiFi to customers and increases connectivity in cities across the world. Additionally, we hope this means consumers will be receiving fewer of those annoying spam promotional blasts and more relevant, exclusive free offers from their favorite restaurants, bars, and stores.  Sign up today.



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