Corporate or Personal Gift Giving

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Although it may have not been the best of years for many of us, this offer from zChocolat is heartwarming and allows you to give twice as much joy without going over budget.

“Throughout the COVID-19 sanitary crisis and until Christmas, for each box of chocolate you purchase online at, You will receive the same quantity of chocolate as a complimentary bonus that you may either send to a gift recipient with your order; donate to a hospital or charity; or save in your account to redeem at a later date for yourself or for loved ones. No fine print.”

zChocolat is made in France with 2-Day Delivery to the US.

zChocolat in chocolate

From the CEO:

While staying connected is more important than ever, this slower lifestyle is also an invitation to deepen our involvement with the community, change our business-model and reconsider the system we live in to work together rather than against each other. This paradigm shift starts now by connecting with oneself, with what is truly important for us and what makes us happy – it’s no longer about being strong in the outside world but rather whole & inspired inside in order to change our lives/our lifestyle/the system/the planet – for the better.

I know this situation seems like a bad dream but it is an opportunity for change. Nevertheless, please stay socially distant and review the WHO advices and best practices to stay safe at all times.

Warmest regards,

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Jean-Philippe Khodara
Co-founder & CEO