Here are some useful tools to help verify that your site is optimized for Google Search and is crawlable by Google.

  • Mobile-friendly Testing Tool – Use this tool to see if your page is mobile-friendly and get instant recommendations.
  • Search Console – Google Search Console helps you discover how Google Search—and the world—sees your site and app in Search results. Optimize Search performance and debug errors.
  • Structured data testing tool – Test your page’s structured data markup for correctness. Make sure to fix all errors reported by the tool before deploying your markup.
  • Google My Business – Get your business hours, phone number, and directions on Google Search and Maps, with Google My Business.
  • PageSpeed Insights testing tool Test how long it takes your page to load. Faster loading pages are popular with users.
  • Google Analytics – Ask us to help you to setup Google Analytics on your site for detailed information about your visitors.