Is PayPal taking money from you?


Those of us who use PayPal enjoy it’s convenience and security but most of us forget about all those agreements we make with vendors.

After firing a vendor I logged into my account to remove any agreements I had with them.  There were five!

I also began reviewing the ACTIVE agreements and was very surprised.  I spent 15 minutes and canceled agreements with CompUSA an TigerDirect, for instance.  It’s just a matter of time before someone snatches their customer data.

If you have an account, it’s easy.

Login to https://paypal.com

Click on PROFILE in the upper right corner, then PROFILE AND SETTINGS

In the grey box in the upper left, click MY MONEY

Choose UPDATE in the MY PREAPPROVED PAYMENTS section and you’ll be taken to your list of vendors who can take your money.

If it’s a long list like mine was, choose ACTIVE under filter and click GO

I knocked mine down from 136 to 13 active.

Many times you’ll see a PayPal charge on your statement and assume it’s a vendor you use regularly.  Although the vendor may be listed in the statement, many times they are not.

I hope this saves you money to spend on holiday fun like websites and Adwords.

Happy Holidays!